What It’s Like to Present Your HomeGrown Solution at INACSL

By: Alaina Herrington and Julie Poore

yyCaptureThe International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) conference is mind-blowing. With so many simulation experts in one place, ideas are everywhere. The first time we attended this conference, we were overwhelmed by the power simulation has had on nursing education. We were honored when the HomeGrown Solution Committee, an INACSL initiative powered by SIRC, asked me – Alaina –  and four other solution writers to present our HomeGrown Solutions at the conference.

Alaina. The room was full of people looking for easy and inexpensive simulation ideas. I was so glad I submitted my idea. I had hesitated as my idea (Telemedicine/elCU Cart) was very simple, but the committee members encouraged me to submit it as others might be looking for opportunities to implement telemedicine in their simulations. The actual submission process was very easy. I created a login through the NLN SIRC site (you do not have to be a NLN member or a nurse to submit a solution). Then I had to complete a few short forms and add my images/video. You can view my solution here.

y2CaptureAlaina and Julie. Everyone, HomeGrown solution presenters and others, had a wonderful experience. This year, several solutions came from the same college. Leigh Sneed, one of the presenters, shared, “It was a lot of fun! I was able to meet nurse educators from all over the world, share ideas of economical ways to give nursing students a high-fidelity experience. I would definitely do it again.”

To use, replicate, or reference Leigh Sneed and her colleagues’ solutions, visit http://sirc.nln.org/homegrown/. Instructions for each solution are available with images, videos, steps for replication, and a supply list. Now I – Alaina—am chair of the NLN/INACSL HomeGrown Solution Committee, and I invite you to submit your ideas and possibly present at this year’s INACSL conference. See the FAQs and note that submissions are reviewed in four time periods: January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15. Submissions received after each of these dates will be reviewed in the next timeframe.


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