Nursing EDge Unscripted Podcast

The NLN Nursing EDge Unscripted podcast, brought to you by the NLN Center for Innovation in Education Excellence, offers an ongoing series of three separate tracks of Unscripted Conversations navigating the how-to of innovation and transformation in nursing education. Each conversation embraces the power of innovation to move educators away from the mundane and mediocre to the interesting and exceptional.

Unscripted Conversation Scholarship celebrates the published work of select nurse educators from the NLN’s official journal, Nursing Education Perspectives, the Division for Innovation in Education Excellence, and the NLN Nursing EDge blog. The conversations embrace the authors’ unique perspectives on teaching/learning innovations and the implications for nursing program development and enhancement.

Unscripted Conversation Surface joins two adventurous nurse educators as they reach beyond the surface to uncover stories from the trenches of education that feature the challenges and vulnerable moments that occur at the novel edge of innovation. These conversations will unpack how to transcend challenges and reveal ways to grow and thrive within the context of the NLN core values.

Unscripted Conversation Saga takes journeys through the history of nursing education using stories that connect the past to the present and the future to re-imagine our teaching and learning. 

Unscripted Conversation Scholarship

Unscripted Conversation Surface

Unscripted Conversation Saga

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