NLN Sim Leader Alum in the Shark Tank: An NLN TEQ Blog Video Interview with Amy Cowperthwait

Sue Forneris, Director of the NLN Center for Innovation in Simulation and Technology interviewed Amy Cowperthwait, NLN Sim Leader Alumni, CEO of Avkin, and nursing faculty at the University of Delaware.

Sue spoke to Amy about her experience participating in a special episode of the Dr. Oz show featuring Shark Tank’s Daymond John.  Amy was selected as one of two nurse entrepreneurs to present an invention to Daymond John. Amy pitched Avkin’s first product called Avtrach and competed for the Golden Stethoscope award.

Watch Sue and Amy’s conversation below:

Watch Amy present Avtrach on Dr. Oz!


Amy Cowperthwait

amyAmy Cowperthwait is CEO of Avkin. Amy has been a leader and advocate of simulation education since 2006 while working as clinical faculty at the University of Delaware. In 2009 she co-founded Healthcare Theatre with faculty from the Theatre Department as a pilot IPE between theatre, nursing and physical therapy. The team developed an undergraduate course that teaches enrolled students to become simulated patients (SPs) /family members/confederates for a variety of health care simulations across disciplines. This program offers a low-cost solution to SPs while providing an educational experience for all involved in the simulation experience. Healthcare Theatre has grown exponentially offering a magnitude of collaborative simulation experiences for both academia and clinical practice.

In 2015 Amy was selected to be a part of a yearlong National League for Nursing Simulation Leadership Program. This year of mentoring and networking afforded Amy the vision and passion to move forward with Avkin after the team won first prize for Technology Innovation at the International meeting for Simulation in Healthcare. Since January 2015 the Avkin team has been selected for over $250,000 in external grant funding, furthering the research and development of the business and product line.

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